On Monday, 30th of May 2022, Liberland President Vít Jedlička will be a speaker at the Leaders Without Borders Annual Business Summit.

The Leaders Without Borders Development Centre (LWB) Model is a blueprint for the development of programs and initiatives that advance and seek a comprehensive pathway towards sustainable development and growth in a community, via trade and investments opportunities and cross-border alliances by accessing partnership globally. A major thread of the debates is about partnerships, investment, disruption, and strategies on the cusp of transformation in a selected number of sectors, including Trade and Investment opportunities, FinTech, PropTech, InfoTech, Financial Sector, Infrastructures, Agribusiness, Mining and Renewable’s. This year’s Annual Business Summit is one of such events offering Heads of organizations (Private or Government) and business executives in various industries access to high-return investment opportunities, Global brand positioning, exposure, and unravelled networking opportunities as we convene a world-class platform for Strategic Business Partnerships between Countries on both sides of the Investment Business Performance Equation.

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