About LWB

The Leaders Without Borders Development Centre is an international recognized based organization focused on improving leadership skills, entrepreneur skills while creating an environment for trade and investment opportunity. Our mission is to create a level playground for businesses across the globe to connect, trade and expand.

It is also a networking centre for businesses to connect globally whilst encouraging global partnership and cross border alliances.

The Centre is a global initiative created to encourage a strong strategic economic and geopolitical partnership by promoting trade and investment.

Our drive is global investment opportunities and development for stakeholders across-borders.

For over a decade, LWBDC has partner with over 60 International Organisations through unique programmes that encourages business growth and expansion.

Our investment forums are a vehicle to driving the agenda of global partnerships, trade and investment promotions.

LWBDC is know for assembling a robust group of high-achieving high-level individuals including high-end CEO’s, Family Business Owners, Business Moguls, Technocrats, Boardroom Experts,

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About The Annual Business Summit/Investment Summits & Trade Delegations, Investors Roundtable and Global Honors

The Leaders Without Borders Annual Business Investment Summit and Global Honors is the #1 gathering of high-achieving level professionals from all across the World.

The Summit is not your typical summit — it brings together a diverse group of people who are ready to trade and do business across borders.

The Summit offers lively conversations and generates rich networking opportunities while providing learning opportunities in leadership, entrepreneurship, and respect for culture.

It is a global initiative created to encourage a strong strategic economic and geopolitical partnership by promoting trade and investment.

About the Leaders Without Borders Global Honors

The LWB Global Honors is a side event hosted to celebrate some outstanding key players, including Captains of Industries, Companies, Corporations, Government Officials, Public Office holders, and Individuals that have contributed to the global growth and development of mankind either via servitude or humanitarian activities. This individual or entity would have demonstrated share resilience in their activity especially as regards growing the economy.

They must have records showing that they have been at the forefront of ensuring economic growth, international unity whilst strengthening bilateral relationship and sponsoring young entrepreneurs with startups.

Impact & Purpose

The Impact of our activities are enormous as we continue to pursue trade partnership and cross border alliances amongst businesses and countries.

Via our investment forums, mergers have been formed, investment opportunities created, partnerships established.

LWBDC organizes Leadership training at all levels for CEO’s, Business Moguls, Technocrats, Boardroom Expect, Public Office Holders, Young Entrepreneurs and professionals to learn, build professional networks, and increase business networks and alliances globally.

We have organized and facilitated high profile investment gatherings across major cities in Africa, Asia and Europe.